Dec 2020

We have booked a session to record at Toyland Studio for the 5th and 6th November. Fingers crossed that the Trans Tasman Bubble will behave itself over this time. Hanging!!!!!


  • Darkroom - Christchurch, New Zealand. Friday 20th March 2020.

    20 Mar 2020

    The Dark Room

    At this time Josh is laying down slabs of psychedelic sub in his home studio in Melbourne. In the spirit of a show needing to go on, this capture will be amplified as loud as possible through The Darkroom’s PA in Christchurch, New Zealand. Friday 20 March 2020, where Deryck is gonna play some live drums over said recording. We would’ve so preferred to have a full lineup live performance at this show but due to life responsibilities were unable to make it happen. We have full intention to get three piece Goat to NZ for a show or 5 as soon as we can. Our first show in NZ in 16 years will be 50% pre recorded - 50% live. Massive thanks to our Brosephs in Tonedroids for asking us to play. Can’t wait. This will be rad!!! If you’re around ChCh March 20th, Rock along!