Dec 2020

We have booked a session to record at Toyland Studio for the 5th and 6th November. Fingers crossed that the Trans Tasman Bubble will behave itself over this time. Hanging!!!!!


Dec 2020

We have booked a session to record at Toyland Studio for the 5th and 6th November. Fingers crossed that the Trans Tasman Bubble will behave itself over this time. Hanging!!!!!

Dec 2020

We are about to book dates for another recording at Toyland Studio in Melbourne. Trans Tasman Bubble is go. Hoping to lock some shows in for November. Watch this space yo!!!!!

Sep 2020

We will be releasing the third album of a trilogy that features Toby Wrecker from Hotel Wrecking City Traders on guitar very soon.

Sep 2020

Covid yet again took out our show in Christchurch. Stay safe out there, we will get through this!!! Bring the fucking Noise!!!!

Jun 2020

Friday August 28th we are opening a Dark Room show in Christchurch NZ!!!!!

Jun 2020

We will be announcing a new date for a show in Christchurch NZ for late August real soon y'all!!!! Hit up Bandcamp for several new releases that have been launched in the last year. The third album of the trilogy recorded with Toby Wrecker is coming soon also! Stay safe!

Apr 2020

Very stoked to announce the launch of our 11th Album titled Bunyip. 2nd album of a trilogy that we recorded with our Broseph Toby Wrecker. Available for download now at Bandcamp!! Get on it!!!

Apr 2020

So Covid 19 took out our show in Christchurch. Not all was lost tho as we managed to go into lockdown and record our set which is now available at Bandcamp. Had an awesome time hanging with the Tonedroid lads and once this lurgy blows over we are keen to get some shows happening again.

Feb 2020

At this time Josh is laying down slabs of psychedelic sub in his home studio in Melbourne. In the spirit of a show needing to go on, this capture will be amplified as loud as possible through The Darkroom's PA in Christchurch, New Zealand. Friday 20 March 2020, where Deryck is gonna play some live drums over said recording. We would've so preferred to have a full lineup live performance at this show but due to life responsibilities were unable to make it happen. We have full intention to get three piece Goat to NZ for a show or 5 as soon as we can. Our first show in NZ in 16 years will be 50% pre recorded - 50% live. Massive thanks to our Brosephs in Tonedroids for asking us to play. Can't wait. This will be rad!!! If you're around ChCh March 20th, Rock along!

Dec 2019

Our second yet to be named album from the recent Toyland session with Toby Wrecker is not far off! More real soon y'all!

Oct 2019

Much appreciation for crew who have supported us by purchasing Dark Echoes our latest release. Plans are on the table for our next mission and it's looking very likely we will play Melbourne again Winter 2020 and Japan after that. We also intend to hit Toyland again with our bro Toby Wrecker for another capture. Last time was way too productive and fun to not do again.

Mar 2019

Next Show is at Bar Open in Melbourne, 23rd June 2019. We are stoked to be joined by TOBY WRECKER who will be slaying with Guitar duties. Also on the bill we are totally pumped to have MOTE, GOUTS also featuring TOBY WRECKER! + Judas Springsteen with an added bonus of a Bargain Bin!

Mar 2019

We are mixing down an album we recorded with Toby Wrecker last December at Toyland Studio June 20th. Keen for shows in Melbourne if anyone can help out. Going to be rad!!!!!

Dec 2018

Seriously rad evening at Bar Open. Thanks for all those who rocked up. What a great night of Noise!!! Next mission on the cards is Japan 2019. Will keep y'all in touch!

Oct 2018

Thursday 6th December we are very happy to announce that we will be hitting Bar Open with MOTE, CAPE TRIBULATION + JUDAS SPRINGSTEEN. Rock along, it's going to be awesome. Joining us onstage with a crazy slab of guitar will be TOBY WRECKER from one of our favourite noise beasts on the planet HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS!!!!

Aug 2018

Very stoked to announce that we have locked in a day at Toyland Studio 5th December. Joining us for this recording will be Toby Wrecker from Hotel Wrecking City Traders. We are also in the process of booking shows around that date in Melbourne!!! If anyone out there is playing that week and is keen to have us on, please get in touch. Cheers!!!

Mar 2018

Go to the sounds page for links to our releases. Hold tight for dates in Melbourne and NZ to be announced real soon!!

Dec 2017

New album available via our sounds page. Up All Night Choosing Colours is part 4 of a 4 album set that includes Jazzilla, Excursions Through Chaos and Screaming Sisters.

Nov 2017

Melbourne was awesome. Great shows and an epic Daggers Mid Flight recording. Thanks to all who rocked up!

Nov 2017

Thanks crew for rocking up to our Melbourne shows! Epic sets all round. Daggers Mid Flight recording this Sunday!!!

Oct 2017

Melbourne Shows Ahoy!!!!! Oct 27th AESO, Nov 3rd Tote (Upstairs) + Nov 4th (Arvo) Snake Oil Trading Co. Following this string of shows we are planning dates for NZ in 2018!

Aug 2017

We have just uploaded Moments In Time 2003 - 2013 Compilation II. Available for pay as you feel download at Bandcamp. Link available on the sounds page. Check it!

Jul 2017

Stoked to announce that we are playing with Hotel Wrecking City Traders at the Tote Hotel in Melbourne. 3rd November with River Of Snakes and Mote. This is going to be rad!!!!

Jun 2017

We will be announcing dates for a short Victorian tour later in the year with our bros Hotel Wrecking City Traders who are going to be launching a monster of a double album on Wax. The Wreckers shows will be featuring our very on Jawsh on Bass. This will rule!!!! More details coming soon!